Hello to whoever is reading this text,

My name is Marjorie, and I'm the creator of JorieJewelry. I chose this name because once, on my birthday, my father gave me a lovely card, and inside it read "To Jorie." I found it so endearing. When it was time to choose a shop name, I immediately thought of this name.

Why did I decide to create this shop? Simply because I LOVE jewelry and am a fan of semi-precious stones. Unfortunately, many shops on the market sell fake semi-precious stones. I've made it my mission to sell authentic stones. Customers know that when they buy from me, they get real semi-precious stones.

I have also always been attracted to witch-style gothic jewelry. I also like symbolic jewelry like Solomon's pentacle, magical jewelry, etc. In fact, one of my favorite pentacles is the Tetragrammaton pentacle, which I always wear.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

See you soon :)